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How to Inspire Hope Through Design

Hope is the most beautiful thing one can live by in life. In hope, the seeds of our dreams grow, and our reality and vision of the future thrive, radiating light and brightness.

The world of design is a powerful tool for inspiring hope and bringing joy through the shapes it takes in our lives, whether in the form of projects, products, architectural works, drawings, digital designs, interior decorations, etc.

What is an optimistic design?
Optimistic design aims to solve problems and improve society, bringing light and optimism to the world in general.
In many of these examples, designers focus on solving a specific problem or improving the lives of people excluded from traditional design. While some of these designs use mood-enhancing tools and techniques—such as color therapy and romanticism using enhanced images that depict hope and enhance emotion—others provide life-changing solutions that have a significant impact on our daily lives.

Here are some key points of optimistic design that will make waves in 2022:

1. Use vibrant colors to create a cheerful atmosphere (Vitamin Color).
2. Use enhanced images that depict hope and possibilities.
3. Incorporate curved shapes in design and playfulness.
4. Create a sense of order and tranquility with clean lines and simple shapes.
5. Use positive words and phrases in your design.
6. Dedicate a space for greenery.
7. Harness nostalgia in design.

Keep reading to learn more about each of these optimistic design trends and discover how to implement optimism.

1. Use vibrant colors to create a cheerful atmosphere


It’s well known that color has a significant impact on consumers. Yellow, for example, has been proven to bring joy and refresh memory, while blue is calming, orange stimulates appetite, and green has therapeutic properties.

Each color has its connotations and uses, and mixing colors is subject to color schemes and multiple compositions.

Color therapy techniques are used in several fields targeting physical and psychological health, combating bad moods or depression, and treating skin and hair through exposure to colored light.

In 2022, more and more designers are turning to the power of color to instill a sense of hope and optimism in their designs. Just as vibrant colors stimulate the appetite for fruits and vegetables, more diverse and bold designs are supposed to mimic the effects of a good dose of vitamins.

Companies like Pantone are launching colors of the year inspired by reality and the prevailing emotions of that period. In 2022, they introduced the color “Very Peri,” which suggests using high-range digital technology and artificial intelligence in this period and the upcoming phase.

2. Use enhanced images that depict hope and possibilities

التصميم المتفائل

Images are an effective way to evoke emotions and communicate with your audience. The right image can make a big difference in whether someone reads your blog post, clicks on your ad, or shares your content. With that in mind, using nature images to create a sense of peace and clarity, children’s and animal images to evoke emotions like happiness, love, and joy, as well as using motion shots to create a sense of excitement or urgency.

3. Use curved shapes in design following the footsteps of children

You may have noticed that design products targeting adults have become more precise in their shapes and colors.

Throughout 2021, simple geometric shapes, curves, and color block panels were a strong trend in interior design and product design. This style is a nod to the Memphis movement in the 1980s and aesthetics that usually target a much younger audience.

Whether it’s a simple sculptural lamp or illustrations inspired by children’s drawings, these types of small, innocent designs actually reveal a broader trend, directed towards returning to childhood and carefree comfort. When we want to escape from the scary adult world, we can resort to designs that characterize our childhood.

4. Create a sense of order and tranquility

This is due to our choice of design style that aligns with our personality and the careful selection of colors, lighting, decorative pieces, and decor items that align especially with the scale of the place, giving us a sense of order and promoting peace.

5. Use positive words and phrases in your design

When we use positive words and phrases in our designs, we can encourage optimistic thinking and help people feel hopeful. Here are some tips for using positive words and phrases in your designs:
– Use words that inspire action. Words like “innovate,” “imagine,” and “build” can encourage people to take positive actions.
– Use words that promote connection: Words like “we” and “together” remind us of our common humanity and enhance the sense of connection.
– Use words that evoke positive emotions such as “joy,” and “love.”

6. Dedicate a space for greenery

The green corner is an important part of optimistic design, as the color green has therapeutic properties and plays an important role in improving mood. It also promotes optimism, in addition to the dose of oxygen provided by plants, and their aesthetic view is soothing.

Taking care of this corner enhances our sense of tranquility and hope.

7. Harness nostalgia in design

Many well-known brands have turned to an old style for their brand identity and marketing. This was the case for Burger King (which adapted its 90s logo for the contemporary market), Coca-Cola (which captured nostalgic sporting moments from the NCAA basketball championship in its “Double Take” ad campaign), and Pizza Hut (which used PAC-MAN-inspired pizza boxes for takeout meals).

Revisiting designs that marked our youth is a wonderful way to break from our fast-paced world dominated by technology. Whether it’s furnishing your home with vintage treasures or using a classic line for a website, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this comfortable feeling of nostalgia into any design.

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