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The plant symbol - which plants to give?

Who doesn’t like to receive gifts?
Who doesn’t like giving gifts to those who mean something to them?
Giving gifts brings the same happiness as receiving them.

Gifts reinforce non-verbal communication, considered to be one of the 05 love languages, strengthening relationships and transmitting beautiful feelings.
But the most difficult part of choosing a gift is choosing the right one for the right occasion and ensuring it’s different and new every time.

There are many different types of plants you can give as gifts, so it’s easy to find one that matches the personality or interests of the person you’re giving it to.
Remember that one of the best things about plants is that they can last a long time, making them excellent gifts. Not only do plants bring life and freshness to your home, but they can also be a source of relaxation and peace.
Plants are considered one of the most distinctive gifts because of their many meanings, making them a special gift for any occasion.
Here’s what some plants symbolize, enjoy!


1- Aglaonema:

Aglaonema is a symbol of good luck. Its name comes from the Greek words “agláos” (luminous) and “néma” (thread).
As a gift, aglaonema symbolizes serenity.


2- Anthurium:

The Anthurium is a symbol of exotic beauty The name Anthurium is derived from the Greek words anthos (flower) and oura (tail) about its floral spike.
Anthurium also symbolizes hospitality.


3- Azalea:

The azalea symbolizes elegance and budding passion The name “azalea” is derived from the Greek word “azaleos” meaning dry.
This may have been an allusion to the woody stems of the plant, which are dry.
In China, the azalea is known as “the bush that reminds me of home”, symbolizing happiness for Eastern cultures.


4- Calathea:

The Calathea symbolizes a new beginning This meaning is derived from the expression turning the page that the plant does when evening falls.
Give a Calathea to someone leaving their comfort zone and making a fresh start.


5- The Cactus:

This cactus is a symbol of strength and durability. It can be given to a couple as an expression of the solidity of their relationship or to someone who needs to stand firm in a temporary situation.


6- Begonia:

Begonia also symbolizes caution and love, and is synonymous with prudence and consideration, as well as good communication between different parties. As a gift, it can signify thanks and demonstrate harmony between friends and sincerity.


7- The Fern:

The Fern represents friendliness and trust.


8- Peperomia:

Peperomia represents confidence and optimism, and is considered a good luck charm in Brazil. Its name comes from the Greek words “peperi” meaning pepper and “homoios” meaning “to resemble”.
As a gift, it symbolizes encouragement and the assurance that all will be well and that bad always follows good.


9- Pilea:

Known as the Chinese coin plant, a symbol of prosperity.  
Native to the province of Yunnan in southwest China before it was spread to Scandinavia by the Norwegian missionary Agnar Espegren.
According to legend, if you bury a real coin at the foot of the plant, it will bring you wealth.

calla lily

10- Calla:

Calla has several symbolic meanings: purity, sympathy, and beauty.
For many centuries, the calla has been associated with happiness and good luck.
In the language of flowers of the Victorian era, the calla was a symbol of eroticism because of its sensuality, representing feminine sensuality.


11- Dracaena:

Known as the dragon tree.
The name dracaena comes from the Greek “drákaina” or “female dragon” or “dragon’s blood”, a name derived from the red color of its sap.
The plant is the symbol of Tenerife (one of the Canary Islands) and defense. 


12- Jasmine:

Thanks to its magnificent flowers, Jasmine symbolizes grace, elegance, and sensuality due to the sweet fragrance it gives off.

13- The Orchid:

The Orchid has many symbolic meanings: fertility and masculinity in ancient Greece.
And a symbol of beauty, wealth, and strength today.
What a beautiful message to give an orchid to your loved ones!

Olive Tree

14- The Olive Tree:

The Olive Tree has a special place in different cultures and religions, symbolizing peace and wisdom as well as prosperity, fertility, victory, fidelity, strength, and hope.


15- Tillandsia:

The Tillandsia or Bromelia symbolizes freedom and creativity, and will appeal to the inquisitive and creative spirit, being associated with science fiction, extraterrestrials, nerds, and dreamers.


16- Bonsai:

Bonsai is a Japanese word meaning “potted tree” and symbolizes harmony, wisdom, and calm, making it perfect for someone who needs more balance in their life.


17- Zamioculcas

This easy-to-care-for houseplant is a symbol of abundance. It symbolizes abundance, wealth, and stability thanks to its unflappable nature.
It therefore attracts financial well-being to the home in which it is placed. For what it symbolizes, it will be appreciated by everyone!


18- Pachira

This large plant with beautiful green leaves represents good fortune, bringing prosperity to the home.


19- Croton

The warmly tinted leaves of the croton leaf bring a great deal of warmth to the interior The croton leaf is rich in color and sometimes changes color, symbolizing change It is a perfect gift to encourage a young student moving into their studio or someone moving house or retiring.


20- The Sansevieria

As its name suggests, the sansevieria is known as the long mother-in-law’s spike, its pointed ends symbolizing the sharp tongue of women and mothers-in-law.
So be careful when giving this plant as a gift!

Choosing the right plant depends on the person you’re giving it to and the message you want to get across. Make sure you know their interests and the occasion for which you are giving the gift to ensure a positive impact and strong symbolism.

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